About Sweet Mandarin Cookery School and Lisa Tse

Lisa Tse - head chef of the Sweet Mandarin Cookery School

Lisa Tse – head chef of the Sweet Mandarin Cookery School

Lisa is the CEO and head chef of Sweet Mandarin, an award winning Chinese restaurant and sought after cookery school in Manchester, which she set up with her two sisters. Sweet Mandarin offers modern Chinese cuisine and exotic cocktails and opened to media acclaim being featured in numerous press stories including the Wall Street Journal, The Times, the Guardian, BBC Newsnight and as the cover story for the Shanghai Daily. Lisa’s amazing story stems from being the third generation of women restauranteur – Lisa learnt how to cook and appreciate food from her mother and grandmother – helping to make Chinese banquets and dim sum from the age of 11 years old.

Lisa’s cookery school, the School of Excellence began as a partnership with a local catering college and extended to working with numerous local schools. Being the first Chinese restaurant in the North to open up the secrets of the wok, this initiative was immediately booked up by teachers and students – where they learnt the history of Chinese food, how to make dim sum, stir fries and balance the ying and yang of foods – as well as how to budget. Lisa single handedly made home economics one of the most sought after curriculum options – and soon parents and teachers wanted to learn how to make dim sum. The Sweet Mandarin Cookery School was born and now serves to teach the public how to cook good Chinese cuisine, dim sum and carve fruit origami.  We also have a gluten free course. For more information go to www.sweetmandarin.com and to book your place (held on Saturday mornings at Sweet Mandarin’s restaurant) email Lisa Tse at lisa@sweetmandarin.com or call 0161 832 8848.


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