Welcome to our Blog. This is a way to keep in touch with friends around the world and keep you up-to-date with our news so far. We’ve outgrown the small news reel on the home page and finally set up our own blog. We hope you enjoy reading about our journey so far.

My name is Helen Tse and together with my two sisters, Lisa and Janet we run the award winning Sweet Mandarin restaurant in the UK.  I will be the voice for my sisters too – they share in my heritage and the hard work in setting up Sweet Mandarin.

Have you ever felt stuck in a rut, wondering what life was all about. In a former life, I was all about slogging it out in the City of London and climbing up the greasy pole to further my career. A trip to Hong Kong, a desire to create a legacy that honoured my family and a dream to open a restaurant led me to return to my roots. ”A Journey of A Thousand Miles Starts With One Step” – this Chinese proverb is etched on the cover of my book, Sweet Mandarin. My sisters and I have had quite an exciting journey so far and its thanks to Sweet Mandarin and the path laid down before us by our mother and grandmother. Taking the courageous step to move back home and open Sweet Mandarin (Lisa gave up the steady pay cheque as a financier, Janet gave up her expertise as an engineer) has been worth it and we have never looked back.

Now four years on, Lisa runs Sweet Mandarin with her dedicated team. Janet is married, settled down, pruning her nest and a mother to a beautiful baby girl (maybe she’ll be the fourth generation of women restaranteur??? :0) ) My life juggles book signings, talks with schools, liasing with Lisa on decisions regarding the restaurant, keeping ahead of the competition by being entrepreneurial and juggling the family responsibilities. Life isn’t always plain sailing especially with the challenges of being a woman, an entrepreneur, a restaurateur, and an ethnic minority.

I explore the issues that affect us, conversations overheard at Sweet Mandarin, my discussions with my sisters about returning to our roots, dealing with culture clash and becoming a published author. Sometimes, our lives moves so fast we forget all the things that have happened. This blog will be like a snapshot on the details of life, the decisions we take and how such actions have contributed to my journey through life. Want to learn more about how the Chinese think? Read on… 


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