Every morning, I wake up in the most unconventionally beautiful, cosmopolitan city with a population of about 2.5million, Manchester. On the table are green tea leaves, PG Tips teabags, soy sauce, mango chutney, Heinz ketchup and Warburton bread – resembling the mish-mash of cultures that we’ve grown up with in Manchester.

My family have been living in Manchester since the 1960s and my grandmother set up one of the first Chinese restaurants here – a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of those who have made Manchester their home.  I now run a Chinese restaurant called Sweet Mandarin and my favourite part of the week is weekend brunch. When I meet my clients (now friends) for brunch at Sweet Mandarin, we’re eating for Manchester. Why not? Its unlimited dim sum thanks to yours truly because I want people to share those magic moments together. Its a place to catch up with friends, a place to relax and recharge after shopping and more importantly for families its a great place for reunions (we even have a baby chair!).

Manchester has everything but the beach and is large enough to be noticed; with the UK’s largest university, an international airport with 22 million passengers, a symphony orchestra, a Chinatown, the largest retail area in the UK (including Harvey Nichols and Selfridges) and two premiership football clubs . Perhaps then not surprisingly, Manchester has been dubbed the capital of the North. We are a friendly bunch, unpretentious and not afraid to have a laugh. That is why I love Manchester and am proud of my Mancunian roots.  At Sweet Mandarin, we welcome you to our world.

Best wishes and Sweet Dishes to You and Your Family



Tel: 0161 832 884 to book

Address: 19 Copperas Street (off High Street), Design House, Northern Quarter, Manchester M4 1HS

About Our Weekend Brunch: No catch. Just delicious dim sum without breaking the bank. Bon appetite….. don’t forget to try the crispy won ton (pictured below).



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